Sustainable Marin has three exciting projects where you can plug into local community action:

Resilient Neighborhoods

Resilient Neighborhoods empowers people to reduce their household CO2 emissions and create communities resilient to the impacts of climate change through personal and local actions.  Since 2011, RN has helped over 1,000 people to reduce 5.6 million lbs. of carbon emissions.  Households achieve an average of 30% CO2 reduction. The program is proven to have long-term energy reduction impact.  RN’s goal by the end of 2020 is to have empowered a total of 2,000 people to reduce 10 million lbs. of CO2. To learn more visit the website >

Time to Lead on Climate

Time to Lead on Climate is a coalition of thirteen leading climate and community groups in Marin. Itsmission is“creating major events and initiatives on climate change that can be most effectively done together, in order to stimulate, inform and promote positive action.” Since 2013, TLC has sponsored five highly successful events, with a total of over 2,700 attendees. The most recent were ‘Getting to Paris Without Stopping in Washington’in 2018, featuring Christiana Figueres, architect of the United National Paris Climate Agreement, and ‘Election 2016 – Tipping Point for Climate’with Congressman Jared Huffman and others. Events may be viewed at  

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Vision SGV promotes regenerative farming in the San Geronimo Valley with a specific emphasis on the San Geronimo Valley Golf Course property.  It has held multiple events featuring home cooked meals from local farmers and such luminaries as Juliana Birnbaum, author of Sustainable [R]evolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms and Communities Worldwide; Penny Livingston, founder of the Regenerative Design Institute; and Rebecca Burgess, Executive director of Fibershed. To learn more visit the website

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Get involved with one of our affiliates

Marin Interfaith Climate Action > VISIT WEBSITE 

MVCAN Ecowarriors Action Team > VISIT WEBSITE