Sustainable Marin convened a coalition of major Marin environmental organizations and activists to discuss how to create an organized and systemic effort to reduce Marin’s carbon footprint. The result is Drawdown: Marin, now a project of the county of Marin.  


DRAWDOWN: MARIN is a bold, community-driven campaign to do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for climate change impacts. The County with the support and input from the entire community will work to eliminate fossil fuel use and “drawdown” carbon emissions by designing and implementing

solutions in 6 Focus Areas:

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ONE: 100% Renewable Energy

Reducing our use of fossil fuels and using electricity supplied by renewable energy is an easy way to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Signing up for 100% renewable energy through MCE’s “Deep Green program  is something you can do today.

TWO: Low Carbon Transportation

Almost two-thirds of Marin's greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. There is a lot you can do to reduce the carbon generated by our cars and trucks

THREE: Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Infrastructure

Our residential and commercial buildings generate one-third of Marin's greenhouse gases. An easy way to reduce those emissions and energy costs is to turn off all electronics and appliances when not in use.


Buying locally-produced food reduces the impacts of long-distance transportation and supports Marin's farmers and our local economy. Globally, food waste is the #3 contributor to global warming, so purchase only what you will consume.

FIVE: Carbon Sequestration

Trees soak up and sequester carbon in the atmosphere. Using compost in our gardens, parks, open space, and rangelands has a long-term benefit to sequestering carbon, too.

SIX: Climate Resilient Communities

Collaborating with our neighbors, communities, and local government to learn what we can do together is an important step towards climate resilience. You can start a Resilient Neighborhoods team in your community or business to learn all the DRAWDOWN strategies.


For more information,
please visit Drawndown: MARIN on the
Marin County website

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