Start a Sustainable Marin Chapter in Your Town!

Starting a Sustainable chapter in your town is easy under the umbrella of Sustainable Marin. We offer you a non-profit status that enables you to raise funds and sponsorships.  Our board oversees operations for you and provides you with bookkeeping services and insurance coverage.

Beach Party event.

Beach Party event.

Influence Policy

Does your town have a Climate Action Plan?  If not you can work to develop one.  If so, you can help to implement that plan by promoting policy changes and working with your town on projects to implement their Climate Action Plan.

Hold Educational Forums

Develop educational events that promote Climate Action and educate the public on how they can make a difference in reducing our carbon footprint.

Promote Resilient Neighborhoods

Resilient Neighborhoods is a Sustainable Marin project that forms teams and holds workshops to help your team go on a carbon diet. You and your teammates will calculate your carbon footprints and choose from a menu of actions that reduce household CO2 emissions by at least 5,000 pounds per household.

Create Your Own Program

Develop a program of your own to reduce carbon footprint and implement your town’s Climate Action Plan.  

Larkspur Parade.

Larkspur Parade.

Start a chapter in your town!  

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